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Local Fire Fighter Breaks Limb After Saving Cat from Tree


On 102 11th Ave, a calico cat belonging to the twin children of Charlie and Kim Decker had gotten itself stuck in a 50-foot oak tree. The twins, Suzanne and Samantha Decker, had their cat outside when it climbed the tall oak tree.


Bob Harwood, a local fire fighter, responded to the situation. Climbing 50 feet, Harwood reached the cat and made his descent to the ground. However, 15 feet from the ground, the local firefighter fell after stepping on a dead branch. Harwood broke his leg from the fall, as the Calico cat landed on him.


After breaking his leg, Harwood was brought to Lukes Hospital. With his left leg broken, the local fire fighter is doing “just fine” as the cat is now safely with the Decker family.

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  1. We discussed some of the issues in class. In some ways it might be a matter of simplicity, Mason. It might help to think of boiling the facts down to the basics, then deciding what order they should be reported.

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