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At a Glance: Dante Anderson

I got the chance to meet and talk with a fellow classmate in my journalism class. Dante Anderson is a junior here at Morningside and has attended all three years of college here in Sioux City. However, Dante is no local to the midwest, as he is originally from Tucson, Arizona. After looking at different schools to go to, Dante decided to come to Morningside for their academics and football. Receiving scholarships for both, Dante said how the money was a driving factor in his decision.

Dante prefers the warm and dry weather of Tucson compared to Sioux City. There the weather isn’t as random and crazy as it is here. He does like that there are 4 seasons unlike Arizona, where you don’t see the fall and winter like you would here.

Dante is a pretty cool dude. He enjoys both watching and being involved in sports. He began playing football at the age of 6 and has enjoyed it his whole life. When watching sports broadcasts, he prefers to watch college basketball and football over the NBA and NFL. He says it is more exciting and entertaining compared to the professionals. Dante also enjoys watching Netflix, a staple of many other college students.

Here at Morningside, Dante has played for our very successful football team while studying business, specifically marketing. He has the dream of graduating and moving to Oklahoma City to work for the OKC Thunder, an NBA basketball team. Dante says that he has family in OKC as well, allowing him to be close to his loved ones while working the career he wants. He hopes to work in the OKC Thunder marketing and advertising team.

Dante Anderson is a laid back down to earth type of guy. He enjoys good sports, good shows, and good weather. What a fellow.

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  1. As I said in class, there’s no reason for you to be in the story. Also, as we’ll talk about this week, avoid subjective responses. I don’t know what you mean by “cool guy.” Also cut the last graf. It seems you have a lot of info on Dante’s sports activities. What happens if you make that the focus of the story. What would the lead be?

    You need to keep up with the news comments, Mason.

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