5 family members found slain in Illinois home

This article described a recent murder of a family in Illinois.  The crime took place sometime on Monday afternoon and authorities were contacted by neighbors after gun shots were heard from the house.   For some reason, that could not be disclosed at this point in time, the local police station did not release information on the atrocity until this morning.  The Logan County Police would not give any information regarding the crime scene.  The only survivor was a three year-old-daughter.

This is a horrible story.  One that you don’t like to hear about.  You would think with all of the evolving and productive changes humans have been making, that the basic rule to not kill one another would be common knowledge .  Obviously this is not the case.  I am rather curious as to why the police refused to release information until the morning after the incident.  Also, I want to learn more about this case.  I plan on researching more to find out what could have been a cause of this tragedy.  What would cause someone to murder an entire family?  Children included?  Furthermore, my heart aches for the surviving child.  Hopefully, since she is so young she will not remember much of this incident.  Unfortunately the guilt  she must feel of being the sole survivor of a horrible mass murder will follow her for a lifetime.

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