At the VMA’s, Taylor Swift won the award for best female artist video.  Unfortunately for her she  was unable to accept the award properly because Kanye West ran on stage, stole her mic, and proceeded to declare that Beyonce should have won.  Meanwhile, the entire crowd sat in shock and Beyonce looked horrified.

Okay, that’s enough.  Kanye West needs to stop.  He should have stopped a long time ago, but this time he has gone WAY too far.  Seriously, it’s one thing to act like a complete butt-head after South Park makes fun, but its another thing entirely to walk up on stage,  snatch the microphone away from a 19 ear old girl, and declare someone else deserving of an award.  Now, I hate Taylor Swift as much as the next person, but no one deserves that.  Apparently Kanye has issued several apologies, but none seem to be directed towards Swift.  I think Jay Leno put it best by asking him, “What would your mother think?”  I’m pretty sure she would think her son has gone too far also.

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