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Athletic Scholarships are key to most athletes in college and Mr. Nash the track coach has special recruitment tactics.

Scholarships are the most important for students who are wanting to attend college. For athletes there is no difference.

They have more opportunities with their talents. They find a balance between classwork and sports.

Mr. Nash, gave insight on the scholarship process, “The NAIA isn’t so transparent, there’s a rule that you cannot get more than free tuition and Morningside can call it whatever they want.”

He continued, “Five thousand dollars is the maximum scholarship award the track department is able to give. For the multitude of sports, yes there is an emphasis to some sports getting more money than others and it could be related to numbers of athletes on each team.”

A member of the track and cross country team, Tenna Beel, was brought here for the maximum amount awarded saying, “Coach really goes out of his way to make me feel wanted and works hard to get me to the college, I knew that he could only give $5000 max to me but when he found another scholarship that wasn’t athletic really showed that he wanted me on the team.”

She also brought up the family aspect that Mr. Nash brings to the college by saying, “I plan on majoring in nursing and wanted to know if I was to take a step back from a season of running, would my scholarship be taken away. I was relieved to hear that he doesn’t revoke scholarships especially for studies and injury.”

Mr. Nash noted, “I wouldn’t think to take an athletic scholarship

Another member, Jenna Dirkx said, “I would not be at morningside if I wasn’t involved in a sport. The tuition is so expensive, I know that It’s private, but $42000 is too much.”

Morningside athletic scholarships compared to other colleges are vastly different. Mr. Nash said, “A division three college is unable to award athletic scholarships and this is what gives our college the advantage.” There are multiple D3 colleges in the surrounding area. He continues, “Since scholarships are an important thought for students, we get a multitude of recruits who were originally looking at division three schools.”

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