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Interview of Alex Watters

October 6, 2019 · No Comments

You may think you have your life planned out, but life can change in the blink of an eye. 

This is what happened with the interviewee Alex Watters. Originally on the path of most teenagers pave their first year of college, spending his time golfing on a scholarship. 

Alex had a dream of becoming a golf “teaching pro” until one night he dove headfirst into 18 illuminous inches of water. He next woke up to be completely paralyzed from the waist down with limited mobility in his arms. 

Now, Alex had to completely make a new plan for not only his career, but for his life. Succumbed to a wheelchair, Alex could no longer play golf, do most daily activities, and had to live with the help of those around him. When asked if he faced any prejudices for his newfound disability, he replied, “They wont say it to my face, but there would be offhanded comments.” when he would go anywhere public. 

Although Alex had a dream revolving around golf, he also had a strong feeling toward politics. Since he was a child he had wanted to run for office, helped campaign for his fathers election of town sheriff, and he became a page in the Iowa House of Representatives. “I believe in the difference that can be made and that I should be involved and try to make a difference.” Alex made a clear point to finish with when he spoke about his urge to join politics. 

Most recently, Alex is a member of Sioux City Council and always keeps to a busy schedule. He is currently campaigning for Kamala Harris because she personally made it clear to Alex that she had a goal geared toward individuals with disabilities. 

As an advisor, Alex is a big part in students lives. With his vast connections, he can make a call and there is a high chance that his call will be answered due to his status. He loves to “see that click” when he helps a student land that interview, or get that job when they graduate. He is able to be part of that rewarding moment. 

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