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“Another Study Warns Drinking Soda and Energy Drinks Daily May Be Deadly” Comment

September 5, 2019 · No Comments

After going to google news and looking to the health category, the article “Another Study Warns Drinking Soda and Energy Drinks Daily May Be Deadly” stuck out. Upon reading the article, it simply gave an overview of a study on individuals who did not have any health related conditions. The article was short and seemed to say that mortality rate increases after consuming drinks like soda and energy drinks daily. I was not given any actual evidence in the primary article, but instead had to click on a link to another article about a case study performed. This article was just written to add to the case.

As a member of the audience who drinks energy drinks almost daily, I was intrigued by this article because I related to it. I wanted to know if my health could be severely at risk if I keep drinking energy drinks. The article claimed to do a study of European adults from 10 countries. This swayed me a bit because I was not given specific ages and they were only from one part of the world; I need demographics. The article was short and explained a case study that they were expanding upon but I had to be redirected to another news article to be able to know what the specific details of the case study were about. As a reader, it seems to be a hassle to not just have at least a bit of information on one site. I felt left in the dark until I read the other article. Overall the title was compelling but the body of it should have had more research information to keep the readers involved.

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