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Interview of Tyler Carney

August 22, 2019 · No Comments

Born 19 years ago in the town of Ames, Iowa; Tyler Carney now resides at Morningside College where he excels in track and cross country; although he does have a certain love for basketball as well. Tyler chooses to major in Mass Communication and business-particularly sports management. When asked why he chose Morningside, Tyler replied “I thought the coaches were really nice and just the atmosphere of the place”.

A few fun facts to know about Tyler is that he listens to both hip hop and rap, but threw a curveball when he said he also enjoys acoustic music. He’s a big foodie that loves pasta but his favorite would have to be Alfredo. On his free time, Tyler simply hangs with his friends or is out playing basketball. He has traveled outside of the United States to go to Mexico and has his eye set on a trip to the Bahamas. To round off the interview, Tyler was asked to choose any superpower and he chose super speed. His reasoning of the choice was a little out of the box because he explained that not only would you be fast, but you could be really strong with the energy you have; and to add that you could never be caught by the cops!

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