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August 22, 2019 · No Comments

I am a sophomore looking to get my bachelors degree in Business Marketing and Advertising. I am part of the track and cross country team, so I’m a distance runner. That is the extent of my involvement at the college, although there is much I’m interested in trying. My free time revolves around my team and friends. I feel like I had an out with making friends my first year just because the team brought them to me. I now live in the on-campus apartments with five other girls who I’m friends with and who are on either the cross or track team.

To answer the question of why I’m taking this class, Im taking it because it seemed ideal with marketing. I want to have a career in public relations so I will be needing to crate reports and such so I feel this class will help me write to the public and not to a teacher. My interest in business began when I realized I’m not smart enough to become a zoologist, and when I took my first business class in high school. It was a class about entrepreneurship and that sparked my interest due to the freedom of creativity and the vast career choices I could take.

If Im not in class or with the team, I’m likely napping or taking a trip to McDonalds with my best friend/roommate at any and all hours of the night. I don’t do much else I do simply because I’m lazy and choose to just watch Netflix instead of doing something productive.

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