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Why Does 50 Degrees Feel Different in Fall than it Does in Spring?

Have you gone from wearing a light jacket to wearing a parka recently? It’s most likely because your body isn’t used to the change in weather. But don’t worry, scientists say your body will get used to it. This belief sheds some light on how fifty degrees in October feels colder than fifty degrees in February.

People experience temperature differently, and several studies have helped to explain why. A difference in body type, fat percentage, age, psychology and behavior can all play a role in why you might feel temperatures differently at certain times, or differently than other people. After a difference in temperature is detected, the body takes actions to battle it, usually keeping blood from the extremities, or causing the body to shiver.

Over time though, the responses change. When people who routinely deal with cooler temperatures–like fishermen, slaughterhouse workers, and people who live in colder climates–they show signs of not being affected as much by the cold. As winter goes on, our body adapts after being exposed to colder temperatures. Dr. John Castellani said, “That’s why the cold October day feels much colder than that same day in February.”


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  1. This is good, Marcus. I might cut the last sentence of the first graf, since you repeat it at the end. But that’s also an argument for leaving it in. It ties the story in a nice bow.

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