A plane with 61 crew and passengers crashed south of Townsville on Friday. There are 42 confirmed deaths according the the Cook County Coroner, including Rep. George W. Collins, D-Ill. Of the 61 people aboard Divided Airlines flight 553, fifty-five were passengers, and six were crew members.

An eyewitness said, “I saw the plane coming lower and lower. I couldn’t  believe it. I thought surely it would go back up in the air. But (sic) it kept coming down. I knew it would never make it to the airport. I was scared.”

An investigative team was immediately sent to the site by the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington. This was made easier because of the fact that several board officials were already in Townsville due to a train crash earlier in the month.

Deputy fire marshall Curtis Vokamer said that his crew found most of the 55 passengers dead. “If hell has an address, this is the place.”