Greenland’s melting ice may affect everyone’s future

Greenland may actually be green as its ice sheet melts. 

Greenland is losing it ice sheet at an alarming rate due to warming waters. 

The ice sheet is melting six times faster than it was just a few decades ago. This rapid melting of the ice sheet is causing the ocean to rise more and more every year. 

These rising Sea levels  threatens 70% of the worlds population. Along with life on land, sea life will also be affected by rising sea levels. 

Scientists now believe that the ice sheet is melting like an ice cube in water. These warmer tides are theorized to have come from the gulf stream. 

Despite all the theories, scientists are still trying to figure out how to slow or possibly stop the ice sheet from melting further.

Facebooks new currency: Libra

Mark Zuckerberg is proposing a new form of currency named “Libra”. He testified in front of the House Financial Services Committee who were critical of the idea. Zuckerberg says that the currency will be an innovative new way to do business in facebook.

I watched a broadcast story from Velshi and Ruhle on the epic along with reading an article from CNN writer by business writer by Clare Duffy and Brian Fung.

Although the newscast was longer in length, nearly six minutes, it did not go into the specifics as to what “Libra” is. The newscast showed clips of Zuckerberg testifying and being questioned by chairman Maxine Watters. The clips focused more on what facebook had done in the past and its not factual ads. The story then went on to get the opinions of a Washington Post reporter and a NYU marketing professor.

On the other hand the article focused more on what “Libra” is and how it would work. The article briefly touched on the controversy around facebook and its past with the election scandal. The article ended by going into serious detail of what “libra” is and how it would work as a new form of currency.

The media that was used was also a little different. On the newscast the graphics were telling as to what was going on in the clips and who was talking. Something that I did want to note about the news cast was that feedback could be heard in the audio from Stephanie Ruhle.

The article had pictures, along with links to other related articles. There was also footage of the testimony from Zuckerberg at the top of the screen.



Thurnberg at the UN

The world is in the beginning of a mass extinction. The leaders of the world will find no solutions to stop it said Greta Thurnberg yesterday. 

“This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here,” said Thurnberg yesterday at the Climate Action Summit. In her speech, Thurnberg stressed the fact that she, a teenager should not be the one urging the world for a change. But young people are who the world leaders turn to for help on the changing climate. 

Greta Thurnberg was extremely critical of world leaders. “How dare you,” she said after pointing out the fact that her childhood has been stolen away from climate change. And that people are dying and ecosystems are withering away. 

Greta told the room to wake up, the science has been around for 30 years. “You don’t understand the urgency,” said Thurnberg. Thurnberg stresses that it’s time to make a change for our world to stay below 1.5 degrees. 

In order to stay below 1.5 degrees, emissions need to be changes drastically. “The popular idea of cutting our emissions in half in 10 years only gives us a 50% chance of staying below 1.5 degrees, “ said Thurnberg. The emissions would need to be cut back a whole lot more Thurnberg stressed.

Thurnberg, is a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist. She has inspired millions with her words. And by the end of the day of her speech, yesterday, 65 countries have announced efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Trump threatens foreign policy

The article “Trump’s Decision To Abandon Syria’s Kurds Met With Immediate Broad Condemnation” comes from the Huffington post and is written by Matthew Lee. Trumps foreign policy is unpredictable at best. Trump changes allies and trade partners at the drop of the hat. Trump has decided to pull troops from Syria has opened the door to a Turkish military assault.

This article contains some heavy bias and is not quiet about it. The Huffington post is a left leaning news site, and it does not surprise me that a piece about Trump is extremely critical. This article is extremely prominent and timely seeing as this was just announced by Trump just a few days ago.

Athletes and Mental Heath rough draft

For many student athletes, their sport is causing them more stress and anxiety than schooling. 

Many collegiate athletes struggle with their mental health along with their sport. Many of these students are so bust they struggle to have time for themselves. And when these students do have time to unwind, they feel guilty. “You cant feel guilty about relaxing or else it defeats the purpose of unwinding. You need to be able to convince yourself that its okay to do nothing to be better in different parts of your life,” said Morningside College counselor Bobbi Meister.

According to MHA many of these collegiate athletes have “access to top athletic trainers, and other physical modes of healing, but lack support for the illnesses and struggles we face internally.” 

Along with limited access to mental health professionals there is also a very stigmatizing culture in athletics that keep athletes from seeking help to deal with their mental health issues reports the NCAA. There are also countless stressors that can impact a student athlete’s mental health like “the expectations of their sport, and the everyday stress of dealing with relationships, academic demands, and adjusting to life away from home,” reports the NCAA. 

Although these athletes are always under extreme time crunches many of them rely on their sport to help them battle with their internal issues. “Beth Ruton a Morningside swimmer said, “Its honestly a release but it can definitely be overwhelming and it takes a certain amount of mental toughness.”

Competing at such high levels is extremely unnerving. “During liberals, I had a panic attack in the bathroom,” said Morningside swimmer Hayley Folsom. According to Meister many athletes do have a difficult time with competing, especially when their best is not good enough. 

Competing at a college level is nothing like it was in college, it is so much higher stakes. “Even meets that aren’t very high stakes I want to do good because im afraid of failure, I get really worked up about it and it and it almost makes it worse,” said Ruton. 

Rewrite: The Vaping Plague

A new pandemic is sweeping the nation, and its targeting one certain group. Vapers. 

CNNreports that there are six dead and 450 sick with mysterious cases of lung illnesses across 33 states since June. All have been linked to vaping. 

Doctors are still unsure of the causes of these illnesses New York Times Sheila Kaplan reports that in the past few years there have also been seven similar cases of lung infections. 

The first death linked to vaping was reported August 23rdCNN reports that the most recent death linked to vaping occurred on September 10th to a woman over the age of 50. This woman had a history of health problems that worsened when she began using e-cigarettes. 

Most cases have been people in their late teens, early twenties Vox reported. The New York Timesreports that lung scans are reported to look like patients have viral or bacterial pneumonia but further testing shows no infection. These inconclusive tests are further confusing doctors and experts. 

 All patients reportedly used e-cigarette products, but Vox’s Julia Belluz reports that experts are unable to pin down what ingredient or device is causing these sicknesses.In all cases, e-cigarettes were in use, and according to Salon 80% of patients used products containing THC, 61% contain nicotine, and 7% contain CBD. Salonreports, of patients using one or the other e-cigarette products and not both. 

According to the New York Times, nicotine and THC are mixed with solvents that should dissolve with the vapor, but it is very possible that some of the oil could be being left behind to be inhaled which will cause serious inflammation.

Vox’sBelluz reports the CDC knows that these cases are related because they hold similar symptoms. In most cases, symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. Some cases have also reported nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, and weight loss. In severe cases, patients are relying on oxygen support, or a ventilator to survive.

According to the New York Times,the CDC issued a statement that warns people of purchasing “bootleg” or street cannabis and e-cig products. Experts are stressing that the use of vaping should not be used by adolescences and only by people who are trying to quit smoking and are using vaping to wean themselves off.

Vox reports that experts do know the effects of nicotine after long term use, but have no clue what it will look like with vaping in the mix. Research concludes that nicotine can induce seizures, raise blood pressure, speed up heart rate, and cause arteries to narrow. After doing tests on rats and human airway cells experts have concluded that vaping does seem to trigger COPD. Little is known about the long-term effects of vaping, especially on this new generation already addicted to nicotine. 

The Trump Impeachment

This article titled “Impeachment standoff: Trump sees ‘hoax’, Dems a stonewall” covers the recent Impeachment inquiry of President Trump. At a recent press conference with the president of Finland, Trump declined to answer whether or not he would cooperate with the House to produce requested documents. Trump also accused a reporter of being corrupt after pressing him with questions about Ukraine.

The article comes from the Associated Press, a news site that generally remains politically neutral and unbiased. Over all this article showed little no no bias and had the facts speak for themselves. President Trump is a very prominent person in the news, especially at this time during the current impeachment inquiry. Again, the impeachment inquiry is a fairly new development, so this article is extremely timely in covering the presidents thoughts on these proceedings.

Alex Watters to DC and Back

Everyone at Morningside knows who Alex Watters, who is often seen zooming through campus smiling and saying hi to students. Currently Watters is serving on the city council where he is elected though 2021. But who was Alex Watters before he became one of Morningside’s favorite faculty members? 

After graduating from Morningside in 2009 Watters moved to DC after he was selected by the American Association with People with Disabilities to work with the US Department of Education. In DC Watters got to work with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Michelle Obama on the “Lets Read, Lets Move” campaign. Watters talked about the various celebrities he met while working on this project, like when he met Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the bathroom “his head was above the stall” said Watters. 

After his time in DC he moved back to Sioux City to be the field organizer for the Obama Campaign. Although Watters himself was unable to knock on the doors his told him that Watters’ was there to “inspire people to knock on doors.” Watters’ team even knocked on the most doors in the region for the Obama campaign at one point. 

A lot of people underestimate Watters’ ability to get things done. “I would be doing this if I was an able body, why wouldn’t I be doing this now,” said Watters’. Watters has come out to endorse Kamala Harris’ campaign. Harris’ campaign has reached out to Watters about disability policies. “That was powerful to me,” said Watters. Watters has remarked about the glass ceiling that comes with having a disability, that tries to prohibit people from achieving their dreams. 

Watters has never let his disability get in the way of his passions. Watters’ is a huge advocate for health care, and has even remarked that Iowa’s health care system is broken. Watters is critical of the current Medicaid policies because it is all for profit. “You need to know the impact of your policy,” said Watters’. 

More reasons to hate Facebook

This article coming from ProPublica called “Employers Used Facebook to Keep Women and Older Workers From Seeing Job Ads. The Federal Government Thinks That’s Illegal.” by Ariana Tobin shares the scandal of companies posting not only age discriminating job ad, but gender discriminating ones too. You don’t have to be an expert to know that this sounds wrong, and the federal government agrees. It illegal. A new ruling by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded that these employers were violating civil rights when they excluded both women and older people from seeing the ads. These companies include Nebraska Furniture Mart, Capital One, Edward Jones, and some other fairly known companies.

ProPublica is a non profit website that features investigative journalism in the public interest. They claim to fight the abuses of power. I liked this article, and I think its important to note that companies are still being discriminatory especially in this day and age. I think this story holds quite a bit of prominence especially with huge companies like Capital One being involved in this scandal. I also think that this article holds quite a bit of timeliness since these court rulings just occurred.

Carrot and Pirouline

With a sweet snap when you bite much like the popping of your finger. As you chew the sweet, healthy flavor begins to fill your mouth. A natural orange much like that of a traffic cone it color sticks out in the bag of vegetables calling you to eat it.

The Pirouline smells like the dog biscuits I give my golden retriever. The flaky, brittle outside breaks in your mouth like a fall leave in your hand. The chocolate inside is absolutely nauseating the stench attacking my nose as a take a bite. The pirouline looks like the twenty year old sweets that are still in my grandmothers cabinet. Absolutely awful.