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Greenland may actually be green as its ice sheet melts. 

Greenland is losing it ice sheet at an alarming rate due to warming waters. 

The ice sheet is melting six times faster than it was just a few decades ago. This rapid melting of the ice sheet is causing the ocean to rise more and more every year. 

These rising Sea levels threatens 70% of the worlds population. Along with life on land, sea life will also be affected by rising sea levels. 

Scientists now believe that the ice sheet is melting like an ice cube in water. These warmer tides are theorized to have come from the gulf stream. 

Despite all the theories, scientists are still trying to figure out how to slow or possibly stop the ice sheet from melting further. 

National Story: Beto pulling out of the race

Beto O’rouke the man who was once the golden boy of the Democratic Party has dropped out of the presidential race. 

O’ Rourke announced at a rally in Des Moines on Friday that he was dropping out and that he made this decision “so recently and so reluctantly”. 

O’Rourke is calling it quits after reports of financial strain on the campaign and spending more than what’s being brought in. 

Many of his supports are sad especially since his campaign began so strong with his as the front runner after narrowly losing to Ted Cruz. Large political donors and political figures are hopeful that O’ Rourke puts another bid in for senate.

Local Story: We won the battle of the saddle

            The mustangs came out on top at the battle of the saddle this past weekend. 

            The Morningside mustang men won the GPAC title with a goal in the final minute to break the 2-2 tie against briar cliff. The game winning goal was scored with 27 seconds left on the clock by hafner, 

            The mustang men are the top seed going into the conference tournament with a 16-2 record overall and a 10-1 record in GPAC. 

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