More things wrong with vaping

Vox reports “Juul allegedly shipped 1 million contaminated vaping products last year” in a recent article. The article also focused criticism on the former CEO Kevin Burns who allegedly did everything in his power to make as much money as possible no matter the affects. The article also pointed out that there were many occurrences of JUUL misrepresenting its products, including the amount of nicotine found in JUUL pods.

This article is very timely especially with all of the scary things that is going on with vaping. Also it shows prominence because it called out the former CEO of JUUL.

One thought on “More things wrong with vaping

  1. It’s also kind of interesting that the person who filed suit AGAINST Juul is one of their former vice presidents.

    Vox is a good place for these stories. Lots of overlap in audience. The story has a good lead.

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