Trump threatens foreign policy

The article “Trump’s Decision To Abandon Syria’s Kurds Met With Immediate Broad Condemnation” comes from the Huffington post and is written by Matthew Lee. Trumps foreign policy is unpredictable at best. Trump changes allies and trade partners at the drop of the hat. Trump has decided to pull troops from Syria has opened the door to a Turkish military assault.

This article contains some heavy bias and is not quiet about it. The Huffington post is a left leaning news site, and it does not surprise me that a piece about Trump is extremely critical. This article is extremely prominent and timely seeing as this was just announced by Trump just a few days ago.

One thought on “Trump threatens foreign policy

  1. Yes, it’s biased. But is it wrong? We discussed this at the beginning of the semester: Why include the other side if it is “untruthful” and will only confuse readers?

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