Carrot and Pirouline

With a sweet snap when you bite much like the popping of your finger. As you chew the sweet, healthy flavor begins to fill your mouth. A natural orange much like that of a traffic cone it color sticks out in the bag of vegetables calling you to eat it.

The Pirouline smells like the dog biscuits I give my golden retriever. The flaky, brittle outside breaks in your mouth like a fall leave in your hand. The chocolate inside is absolutely nauseating the stench attacking my nose as a take a bite. The pirouline looks like the twenty year old sweets that are still in my grandmothers cabinet. Absolutely awful.

One thought on “Carrot and Pirouline

  1. The idea of eating dogbiscuits will have connotations for your readers. I could do it, but most people would find the idea distasteful. The same for stench. It will connect in negative ways. Was the Pirouline really that bad?

    Were you thinking of going into advertising?

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