A Warm Iowa Fall

I recently talked to several mornings students about their current thoughts on the strange Iowa weather.

Gladys Mayo is from California where its always sunny and warm. “The weather is very bipolar,” she said. Mayo was not the only one sick of this bipolar weather, Charity Muller said “Today is fine but the flipping back and forth from 80 is driving me crazy thats for sure.” Others were also not so sure about this mid fall heat wave like Sydney Garrigan who longs for the cold, “I want sweatshirt weather,”

Other Mustang’s can’t get enough of this unseasonably warm weather like Joel Jauer who said “Its beautiful,” he also remarked on how different this fall is from other years, “Heck no, its never this warm.”

Charity Muller (Left) Sydney Garrigan (center)

Joel Jauer (left)
Gladys Mayo (left)

One thought on “A Warm Iowa Fall

  1. You always look so happy, Kiki. I can’t imagine interviewing — talking to strangers — will be an issue for you.

    Was your other goal to get a selfie with someone? Write about that as well.

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