A Visitor To Our Solar System

According to the Atlantic’s Marina Karen, astronomers are watching an interstellar comet that is hurtling through our solar system. This is the second time in less than a few years that there has been a foreign object from another star in our solar system. The first was discovered in 2017 and was named ‘Oumuamua. ‘Oumuamua is very mysterious and unique due to its shape and speed in which it is coming through our solar system. So interesting that some astronomers even considered whether this came from an “advanced alien civilization”.

This article titled ‘This Is Clearly Coming From Outside the Solar System’ was very interesting although slightly difficult to read. I definitely think that the audience of this article is aimed more to people who have an interest in astronomy because I had to read the article twice to understand it. In class we have talked about using easier language that readers can understand, this article definitely is not using that easier language. Due to the fact that this article is very scientific I feel that it lacks bias and is overall objective. I find it interesting how difficult of a read this article was because it comes from The Atlantic, which is normally not a very scientific news site. The Atlantic normally covers stories aimed at a young liberal audience.


One thought on “A Visitor To Our Solar System

  1. Not so much easier, but less jargon. Don’t expect readers to be experts in the field.

    Does it mention that these comments might be the result of other intelligent life forms hurling them at earth as a way of getting rid of us?

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