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3 Broadcast Stories Final

Posted by: Lindsay | November 14, 2012 | 1 Comment |

3 broadcast stories final

I’m Lindsay Martin reporting for Morningside news.

Morningside’s meal plan pricing has upset students who want more for their money.

Kylie Kneifl, a nursing student at Morningside, said, “It irritates me that I pay $9.00 for supper and only eat a cold sandwich.”

Morningside College offers four different meal plans each ringing in at a little over 1800 dollars.

Students want to pay for each meal individually. Shiran Nathaniel, general manager of Sodexo, said, “We would never be able to cover costs if students pay for each meal individually.”

Nancy Seeman, a junior at Morningside, said, “Students, myself included, think they are only paying for the meal. We forget about all the other items that factor into the cost.”

Any changes to pricing will have to wait until next year.


Months of hard work could pay off for the Morningside dance team.

The Morningside College dance team will perform at the Iowa State dance team competition in Des Moines on November 30th.

Last year the girls took home second place in hip-hop and third in pom. This year, the team competes in the hip-hop, pom, and jazz divisions

The team will compete against other private colleges.

Lexi Busch, a sophomore dance team member, said, “We are looking forward to competing in all three divisions at state. Hopefully, our hard work brings us home some trophies. ”

The team practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Aside from the upcoming state competition, the squad performs at football and basketball halftimes at Morningside, local high school halftimes, and surrounding competitions.

The hard work will hopefully pay off, when the team travels to Minneapolis in February to compete at nationals.




Morningside students are lending a hand to stop child hunger.

Food 4 Kids, created by St. James United Methodist Church, provides pre-packaged food bags. Whittier Elementary students receive the bags the last Friday of every month.

Food 4 Kids would like to deliver food bags every Friday to Whittier students by January. Their next goal would be to include five other needy elementary schools in Sioux City.

Katie Weis, a sophomore at Morningside, said, “I think the food bags are a great idea, and it feels great to help those in need so close to home.”

Students who would like to participate can bring food items to their residence halls. They can also purchase a bag at any Sodexo location. Food 4 Kids welcomes donations.

Make a change in Siouxland and donate today.


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Responses -

Lindsay: The meal plan story may be slightly better than the print version. It still needs more direction, though. What is going to lead to discussion next year? You haven’t told me that complaints have gotten anyone’s attention.

Dance squad: OK lead and organization. Work on leading into your quotes. Rather than leading in with an “X said…” try using a phrase that ends in a colon: “…and Lexie had this to say: …”

Nicely conversational. Good quotes.

Three of three “live” sources. 2:10 (You could slow down a bit. You’re racing)