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Habitue Coffeehouse and Creperie

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The building stretches high above its neighbors. The brick offers a warm and inviting feeling.  The sign presents the unique logo, as it should match the rather interesting name. Habitué is a French word meaning a place one frequents often, which makes sense in regards to a coffee shop.  The purpose of building Habitué was to bring costumers into downtown LeMars. The owners wanted to create a welcoming environment, while sharing the lord’s word. Obviously, they have succeeded, as customers travel great lengths to endure in the experience.

As I enter the cool air sends shivers down my spine. The interior is like nothing I have ever seen before. The decorations are impeccable, from the vintage ceiling tiles to the stone covered floor. In fact, the ceiling tiles are the only item the owners kept from the desolate building that stood there before.  Scriptures spreading the word of god cover the brightly colored walls. Warm reds, greens, yellows, and browns engulf my vision. Christian music sets a joyful tone. The smell of blueberry crumble coffee lingers in the air.  The staff’s welcoming smiles and greetings invite me to the beautiful granite counter. I hear “Welcome to Habitué how may I help you?” The case of goodies immediately draws my attention; especially the turtle brownies and cookies and cream cupcakes. My stomach begins to grumble.

The time of day reflects directly upon the experience. The morning is filled with regulars hurrying in before work.

“Hello Bill! Are you getting the usual this morning?” asked Sherri.

“Yes Ma’am and make it fast!” said Bill.

“Anything for our best customer!” stated Sherri.

The main floor is filled with groups of retired women huddling around a circular booth, gossiping about the latest news. The upstairs is quiet, with only a couple of people reading, or taking advantage of the wireless Internet. The employees prepare for the busy noon hour. Everyday the employees gather in a huddle and are assigned a job for the noon hour. I over hear “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven…Amen.” They just recited the lords prayer, this reiterates Habitué’s mission in sharing the lord’s word.

As noon approaches, the lunch line continues to grow reaching the entrance. “Raspberry Jalapeno Turkey Crepe” and “California Cobb Sandwich” seem to be the popular favorites among the costumers. There is not an open seat in the house; even the courtyard in the back appears full. Each employee has a specific position to maintain. Communication seems to be vital component to efficiency.  Into the afternoon and night, the hustle and bustle seems to die down, with only a few customers stopping in for a drink or treat after work. The employees use this time to prepare for the next day by restocking and making the store look spotless.

The main room appears first when entering the front door. Large booths with green fabric backs and brown leather seats cover the left and right sides of the wall.  A black oak double door leading into an additional room appears off to the right. A brick fire place decorated with greenery and green and silver spheres blazes in the center. A grand staircase situated in the corner indicates more seating available upstairs. As I continue through the building, a condiment isle positioned to the right is filled with creamer, sugar, wooden stir sticks, and water.  The counter and display case are off to the right. As I continue towards the back door, the green umbrellas from the patio furniture appear. As the door opens, the sound of water cascading onto the ground becomes obvious.

The additional room on the main floor is designed more for a younger demographic. Maroon leather chairs line the wall of windows, looking out at the Ice Cream Parlor across the street. An Internet bar is located in the center of the room, with large booths lining each wall. A fully equipped stage is situated along the left corner of the back wall. A delicately painted tree stands strong and draws my eye to the stage. Here, musical groups perform, filling the room with praise. However, this beautiful room has not always been so beautiful. The owners of Habitué recall seeing the trinkets and half-done sewing projects covering every inch of the already crowed room. The room smelled “like a musty garage closed up for years.” It is hard to imagine the dramatic transformation that took place to create what is there today.

The upstairs is equipped for a quieter setting. The sea colored blue room off to the right is rented out for events and meetings. A large flat screen television is mounted on the wall. Tables able to seat four are scattered throughout the room. The loft to the left is filled with the same tables. In each corner, red leather couches serve as the focal point.

My time at Habitué was incredible. The environment itself puts me in a fantastic mood, not to mention the friendly staff and tasty food. If you were ever near LeMars, I would highly recommend visiting Habitué.

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