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Suri Cruise

Posted by: Lindsay | August 29, 2012 | 2 Comments |

Suri Cruise receives a trust fund in result of her parent’s divorce. The story is not newsworthy. I do not believe Suri’s personal finances should be publicly announced just because of who her parents are. However, because the article is already published, the content should focus more on the outcomes of the divorce rather than Suri directly. The article omits Katie Holmes’ is financial responsibility, which I believe should be included. The article is written well in terms of appropriate vocabulary.

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OK, Lindsay.
Instead of me copying and pasting the url into my browser, you could make that huffpo address into a link.
Also, look into swapping the Archives widget with a links/blog roll widget. Then your links will be on the home page.

Good discussion, Lindsay. Why do you suppose we care about little Suri? Nice inclusion of a photo.