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Juveniles sentenced for life

This article is about the Supreme Court trying to decide whether juveniles can be pr should be sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed when they are younger.

They say that it’s tough to tell a 13 year old that he will be locked up for the rest of his life, but hello, if what he did was so wrong, would that matter?

They also say that juveniles are more likely to change their ways than adults, but they don’t really give much support for it, other than juveniles have more life ahead of them.

But I think that people (young and old) can change, so I believe that the death penalty should never be given and that if the criminal has proven that he has changed, give him another chance. But don’t go so crazy with second chances that they turn into third, fourth, fifth chances.

We need to use common sense and not be idiots…. Not just about sentencing and parole, but this can apply to a lot of things.

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