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Letterman Apologizes

I feel two ways about the whole David Letterman-sex-blackmail deal.

One, I don’t want to hear about it. There are other things that are more interesting and applicable to my life, and I don’t care that he had sex with people he worked with and that someone tried to blackmail him. I mean, how many people thought he was faithful to his wife always, especially in the business he’s in? You don’t find many people who are. So it’s not a huge surprise.

Two, I am kind of impressed with how he handled it. Not very impressed, there’s still that fact that he did cheat on his wife, several times, but he didn’t try to cover himself or blame others. He came out and admitted it and apologized, and that is what I am impressed with: that he is man enough to own up to his mistakes.

But I wish it still hadn’t have happened. It just feels typical of American entertainment.

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