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Intense hunt begins for new shot’s side effects

Many people are worried about the swine flu vaccine. A few years ago, a swine flu vaccine seemed to have coincided with Guillian-Barre outbreaks in those who had the vaccine. There is no definite information for or against those claims, and people are still worried about side effects from the vaccine.

My aunts were just talking about this the other day and they are trying to decide whether to get their kids vaccinated or not. One of my aunts’ nephews had Guillian-Barre a few years ago, and it was very scary for her family so hearing that Giullian-Barre could be potentially linked to the swine flu vaccine has her family and my family worried about it. Personally, I would rather be sick with the flu for a week or so than have a chance of contracting Guillian-Barre.

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