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Man kills family

After several reports of domestic abuse and a conviction, Mesac Damas is believed to have murdered his family. The police had been called to their home because a family member was worried. They did not see anything wrong, so the police left. A day later, the police returned because the family member filed a missing person report. They found the five children and their mother slain.

Could this have been prevented if the police had entered the day before? I doubt it. It was probably too late by then. I feel like I hear this story too often, and I cannot believe the terror the family probably felt. I do not understand why the mother did not leave with her children. Damas had a history of abuse, and his wife had taken it far enough so that he was tried in court and he pleaded no contest, yet there was no jail sentence or anything. There was not a restraining order against Damas either, so it makes me wonder what was going on with the family in the past few months.

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