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“Sins of the Father?”

Kisha Jones, a 38 year old woman, was arrested in Brooklyn for trying to end another woman’s pregnancy.

Jones stole a prescription pad, wrote a fake prescription for a labor-inducing drug, and turned it into a pharmacy. She later called Monique Hunter, a pregnant 25 year old, and told her she needed to take the medication because it was very important. Hunter took it immediately, and was soon rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and later gave birth to a premature baby boy.

The baby was fine, but Jones continued to try to kill him. An unidentified man came in to the hospital with what he said was breast milk, but was later found to be toxic.

Jones believed that the baby was fathered by her husband, so she is trying to kill the child for the sins of the father.

First Class Garage


Anthony Toth has recreated a first class cabin from a Pan Am 747 plan in his garage. It sounds amazing and really cool and really eccentric.

He spent over $50,000 on it, and hopes to someday turn it into a museum. But for now, guests can come in and sit down, have a drink in an authentic Pan Am glass complete with Pan Am straws and all that.

Toth really put a lot of effort into making the cabin, and I kinda want to see it.

Full Story (and pictures!)

Miley Cyrus and Twilight

Two teen crazes that we’ve all heard enough of. I’m sick of hearing about Twilight, Edward, and vampires. I’m sick of hearing Miley Cyrus’s songs on the radio, especially Party in the USA.

But after hearing a radio station DJ say that Miley Cyrus has said she does not like Twilight, I have a little more respect for her. Maybe it’s because she’s trying to be different or whatever, but here is someone who has not gone completely ga-ga over sparkly vampires and pathetic girls.

But seriously. Stop playing her songs so much. They suck.

And enough with Twilight. Edward is fake.

Juveniles sentenced for life

This article is about the Supreme Court trying to decide whether juveniles can be pr should be sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed when they are younger.

They say that it’s tough to tell a 13 year old that he will be locked up for the rest of his life, but hello, if what he did was so wrong, would that matter?

They also say that juveniles are more likely to change their ways than adults, but they don’t really give much support for it, other than juveniles have more life ahead of them.

But I think that people (young and old) can change, so I believe that the death penalty should never be given and that if the criminal has proven that he has changed, give him another chance. But don’t go so crazy with second chances that they turn into third, fourth, fifth chances.

We need to use common sense and not be idiots…. Not just about sentencing and parole, but this can apply to a lot of things.

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Shooting Story

Being shot by your husband is bad enough, but being shot on your wedding day? Unimaginable.

That is exactly what happened to Laurette Kenny Brunson today. Her husband, Richard Brunson, shot her in the abdomen after she threw a plate of food at him. He then took off, and police are unable to find him.

Mrs. Brunson is at St. Luke’s hospital and is in satisfactory condition.

The Brunsons had been living together for a few months before the wedding, and a neighbor said that he had never heard them yelling or seen Richard Brunson being violent.

“They seemed like such a happy couple”, neighbor Vicki Holmes said. (that would be a link)

Art Imitates Life….

Millions of people love mysteries. The popularity of CSI and shows like CSI establish that fact, and also most books that made the bestsellers list have some sort of mystery component.

Michael Connelly, a New York Times Bestselling author, has a new mystery book out titled “Nine Dragons”. After researching his novel and working with the person who was videotaping his work and research, he found out about a chillingly similar crime to the plot line in his novel.

“Nine Dragons” follows Detective Harry Bosch who is searching for his missing daughter in Hong Kong. She was last seen in Chungking Mansion. Connelly’s story ends well, with Bosch finding his daughter and the bad guys defeated.

Ani Ashekian, a Canadian tourist disappeared in Hong Kong. She was at Chungking Mansion a few days before Connelly was there, and the similaries have distured Connelly greatly. Ashekian has not been found, and the trail has truly hit a dead end.  In Connelly’s books, there is always something to go off of, some trail to follow.

This is newsworthy because it is unusual. Some authors base books off of actual happenings that have happened before. Some criminals have copied books, but that doesn’t happen very much. But an author researching a book and the plot being eerily similar to a real life situation happening at basically the same time?


Jeanne Moos Transcript of Video

This transcript is pretty much identical to the video.

Click here for transcript (You will have to scroll down to about the end of the page)

YouTube One Hit Wonders

I think Jeanne Moos does a good job of covering YouTube’s one hit wonders and the advertisements that companies are putting up around their videos. She showed clips of very popular, funny, and interesting videos and talked about the advertisements around the videos. She interviewed several people who took the popular videos, and one man had already made around $25,000 off of advertisements

Moos’ clip was short, to the point, and interesting. It appeals to everyone, because anyone can upload video to YouTube and if enough people watch it they could start earning advertisement money.

For video, click here, and then click on “One Hit Wonders”

Organized Crime’s New Target

Organized crime is hitting Medicare and Medicaid for billions of dollars. Medicare and Medicaid are having enough trouble running, and then you add in large amounts of theft and fraud it’s going to cause more problems. The scams are not for small amounts of money, but for millions of dollars.

I find it hard to believe that Medicare and Medicaid are new targets, especially if the cons are adding up to millions and billions of dollars. Is it just that those running the programs haven’t paid enough attention or haven’t cared enough to catch the problems? Or have we just realized that people can be dishonest and we need to check up on them, especially when money is involved?

American health care is in trouble and it seems like the trouble is growing.

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Found: Leonardo da Vinci Painting

This is neat. Generally you only hear about fingerprinting and other forensic evidence being used in crimes and TV shows like CSI, but forensics are being used in many different ways. I think it is very interesting what we can find out and know pretty much for sure because of forensics.

How exciting it must have been for Peter Paul Biro, the tech who found and ID’d the part of the fingerprint. It’s cool find, and the people who own the painting must be shocked. It kind of seems comparable to finding hidden treasure. I wonder how many other people will be looking for fingerprints on their old, original paintings now?

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