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RIP Homer the Polar Bear

The Midland Zoo sadly puts to rest Homer the polar bear at the age of 16. Homer was found dead in his cage at 7 a.m. this morning by zookeeper Sara N. Getty. She reported later that, “Homer was a very curious and playful polar bear and we will miss him terribly.”

The cause of death is still unknown and will be released to the public as soon as possible. The necropsy of Homer is estimated to take several weeks. Midland Zoo would also like to reassure the public that the recent deaths of a bobcat and giraffe at the zoo is unrelated to Homer’s death.

The polar bear exhibit at Midland Zoo has thrived since 1985 being one of the most unique exhibits at the zoo. The exhibit enables the bears to play in manufactured snow, dig in gravel, and hunt trout in the chilled pool. The exhibit educates zoo visitors about these threatened animals.

The director of the zoo, Chris P. Bacon, voices his opinion on Homer’s death, “We will do everything in our power to determine how this bear died. Animal welfare and the preservation of species are our primary goals here at the zoo.”

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Donald Trumps Ignorance against Science


Donald Trump, a front-runner for the presidency, has made some questionable accusations about science. Scientists from the site Scientific American and many other Americans are concerned about these accusations. Many of them being tweets that contradict his original beliefs about science issues. The scientists are worried because having a possible president in office that doesn’t know important science issues could end very badly.


Mr. Trump has made somewhat ignorant comments, according to scientists, about climate change, the autism-vaccine connection, Ebola, health care, and many other topics. On the topic of climate change, which has been proven to exist, Donald Trump tweeted, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”


Trump has also tweeted a couple controversial comments on Ebola as well tweeting, “The U.S. cannot allow EBOLA infected people back. People that go to far away places to help out are great – but must suffer the consequences.” None of the comments Donald Trump has tweeted have been fact checked.


Young Thug Believes in Gender Neutrality


Popular rapper Young Thug doesn’t believe in gender and thinks that we all shouldn’t bother with it either. On Wednesday, in an interview Young Thug addressed his strong opinion on the subject saying, “In my world, of course, it don’t matter. You could be a gangster with a dress. You can be a gangster with baggy pants. I feel like there’s no such thing as gender.”


The topic came up after his controversial album cover was released. His cover displays him in a dress and wearing a cone-shaped hat. He has told reporters that he even wears women’s clothes regularly. He claims that 90% of his clothes are women’s clothing.


Young Thug challenges his fans to look beyond gender and the concept of masculinity. There are also rumors about him doing a Calvin Klein campaign about being able to “be a gangster in a dress”.


Morningside Parking Dilemma


Many students and faculty members would agree that Morningside College has a parking dilemma. Parking at Morningside College has become impossible to deal with for students and faculty. A student that attends Morningside College, Bruna Alessandri, explained that she feels that there are not enough parking spots for the amount of parking permits that are sold here, which does create big problems.


One of the campus security workers at Morningside College confirmed that the parking permit violations that are given out cost about four times more than any parking violation ticket given out by the city of Sioux City. The charges here are also doubled every week that the due isn’t paid. The parking situation at Morningside College hasn’t changed in decades yet the number of students enrolled continues to climb by the hundreds every year.


There are approximately 1,600 students enrolled at Morningside College and the parking available for these students comes up short, especially for the off campus students. Off campus students must park in the guests lots or on the streets to avoid parking ticket

s but what if there literally is no parking spaces to park?


Kolyn St. Aubin, a frustrated student, explains his point of view on the topic (Audio of Kolyn’s quote).


Appeals can be submitted against the parking tickets issued but must be within seven days of the incident and are usually revoked. After the seven days the security department, and namely Brett Lyon the head of campus security, won’t take any excuses for the parking violations.

News Comment: ‘Not Our President’ Protests

After the election results on Tuesday night thousands of people took to the streets in protest of the new president. There has been protests in Boston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Washington just to name a few. Police forces have had to take action in many cities to control the protests and to help keep the protests peaceful. At least one policeman has been reported injured in the Oakland protests.

In this story by the New York Times, ‘Not Our President’: Protests Spread After Donald Trump’s Election, the writer uses great description words that really make the protests relatable. I noticed that all the people that were interviewed were latino though so I was kind of curious on why the reporter didn’t find someone different that could give a different side of view.

Possible features that could come from this are basically limitless since the Donald Trump is planning to change so much. A few features could include: “How will the Latino population be effected by the election?”, “What will Donald Trump do about the protestors?”, “Can Donald Trump be impeached because of his lawsuits?”, “Should Muslims be afraid?”, and “How does the electoral college work and why is it being used in America?”.

News Comment: Jay Z goes uncensored in Clinton rally

Four days before the election Hillary Clinton held a rally in Cleveland where various artists held a concert and encouraged people to vote for Hillary. The artists included Jay Z, Beyonce, J. Cole, Big Sean, and Chance the Rapper. In the concert that was held, Jay Z dropped a few cuss words including the “F word” and the “N word” thus causing many critics to shame Hillary Clinton.

The article, Jay Z goes uncensored in a charged Hillary Clinton Cleveland with Beyonce, was very well written by the News.Mic website for millennials. I feel like this is how news will be written in the future. The article included tweets by Hillary Clinton and her supporters and a video from CNN.

This website does an amazing job with keeping news entertaining with a lot of pictures and videos that the younger generation can relate to. But even though it’s entertaining, it is also very informative. Overall this news website is definitely made for people with small attention spans.

Groom Shoots Bride at Wedding Reception

On Saturday at around 5 p.m. Richard Brunson shot his wife Laurette Kenny Brunson in the abdomen three hours after their wedding reception and then fled the scene. Mrs. Brunson was rushed to the St. Luke’s Hospital and is reported to be in satisfactory condition. Richard Brunson’s whereabouts are still unknown.

A neighbor called the police shortly after the shooting, but by the time they arrived the suspect had already left the crime scene. Sergeant Mann explains the incident (Audio of Sgt. Mann).

Richard and Laurette Brunson had lived with each other for five months prior to the shooting. Mrs. Brunson has three children who were at the reception when the shooting occurred. Walter Corse, one of the neighbors that witnessed the aftermath reports (Audio of Walter Corse).

Mr. Brunson worked for a construction company and his wife had been working for a government housing program until she had recently quit. The neighbors recalled that she hoped to open a daycare center. Michael Martin, another neighbor of the couple, was surprised by the incident saying (Audio of Michael Martin).