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Testing the Norms of Objectivity News Comment

To perform objectivity is being impartial. To be objective in journalism is to try and have an unbiased look on the subject. I feel that this affects everyone today, including me, because there are many journalists that are not objective about certain subjects and it is very easy for people to get misled by articles or news that’s supposed to be facts.

The “norm” in objectivity should be just to simply report on the facts. In the article I can see how it is becoming very hard for journalists to write about the candidates especially when one of them consistently does something outrageous every week but I feel like they are doing a good job. Nevertheless, I feel that if journalists stick to being impartial and write about the facts then they can benefit their audience immensely.

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Emma Miller

Emma Miller is from the small town of Corder, Missouri. She is a 20-year-old junior at Morningside College. In her free time she enjoys drawing and playing with her dog. Emma is an advertising major and her favorite class at Morningside College is her marketing class.