Sep 21 2012

Mr. Clean

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The cleanest of carpets hides under my door. No stains and no dirt do I find on this floor.  So off quickly I run to door number two. I fling that one open and find nothing there too. So I stroll to the living room and peer at the couch, “I’ll find something here,” I say out loud as I crouch.

But wouldn’t you know it – we had the carpets done. Ross gave us this assignment; probably thinking, “Hey it’s fun.”

So now what to do? Guess I’ll continue to look.  I’ve got to have dirt hidden deep down in some nook. So I search every corner, every crevice, and every crack. But all that I find is clean carpet smiling back.

I pull at my hair ready to give up this fight. And no I can’t look outside now, because it’s to late at night. Then into my ear a voice whispers to me. It says, “Look behind the fridge and then tell me what you see.”

So I wrap my arms around it and pull it from the wall.  But just like behind the doors I find nothing at all.  Inside the entertainment center, by the bathtub, near the sink, there’s got to be something there…or at least you would think.

Perhaps by the nightstand or even under the bed, we cleaned because we’re moving and now I’m losing my head.

Oh where do I look? Does anyone have a clue? I’m starting to stress, tomorrow this paper’s due!

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  1.   fuglsangon 25 Sep 2012 at 7:19 PM

    Read this again and tell me you didn’t write this as a parody of Dr. Seuss. Just work on the rhythm – anapestic tetrameter in this case, I think. You managed to get in a quote, of sorts. Did you consider additional sensory description? The sound of the fridge moving? Do you have a garage? Under the car, you might find tar.