Sep 11 2012


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Recently I read an article on this year’s Chicago Bears. What makes the article’s lead stand out is its wording. The first few sentences use the words explosive and revamped. Descriptive terms like  “multitude of weapons” and “most anticipated” are added. Here are some alternative leads to the story.

 Foreshadowing: After starting last year 7-3, the Chicago Bears limped to 8-8-season record. Key needs were addressed this off-season and the Bears are poised to win it all. They began with Indianapolis on Sunday.

Question: Will Indy’s luck run out this Sunday?

Contrast: With Green Bay dominating at 15-1 last season, many experts have them picked to win the Superbowl. Detroit put the NFL on notice with its youthful attitude, making the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.  These aren’t your father’s Bears though and this isn’t last year.

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