Cookies, a Goat, and a Journal.

Let Me Introduce to You, Kristine Honomichl


Meet Kristine Honomichl. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, she ended up at Morningside College by being recruited to play on the basketball team. Fascinated by learning about the human brain and how it works, Honomichl chose to major in Psychology and minor in Business. Even though she loves learning about the world of psychology, she is not sure where her Psychology degree will take her after graduation. She does know that she could one day use her business degree to share her passion of baking with others, as well as her delicious chocolate chip cookies, when she opens up her own bakery!

Kristine Honomichl comes from a family full of bakers. Every holiday, a relative would show up with some sort of treat they made. “I didn’t get hooked on [baking] until high school, though, when I was trusted to operate the oven without burning the house down,” joked Honomichl. As a perfectionist, Honomichl was presented with a challenge every time she tried baking something new, yet never backs down. This was how she fell in love with baking!

Another hobby of Kristine Honomichl’s is keeping a journal. She uses it to regulate her daily thoughts and emotions, analyzing the events she may have encountered. “It helps me to de-stress after a long day,” Honomichl explained. Along with journaling, Honomichl said that she loves animals. Currently, she owns one cat named Elizabeth, however she has owned a couple of other animals throughout her life. At one point, her family had a Pomeranian who ran away. Shortly after that, her family entered a raffle at a rodeo and won a goat! They decided the goat would be a great friend for their horse, but unfortunately the two did not get along. Honomichl’s family decided to sell the goat after only two days.

Kristine Honomichl, though seemed quiet at first, was more than willing to welcome me into a piece of her life as I interviewed her! She bubbled over with joy as she told me about her family, animals, and hobbies. It was great getting to know her and learning about what makes her, her!