5 Additional Feature Stories…

Story used: “Biden plans to purchase 200M more doses of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines” https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-announce-purchase-200m-doses-pfizer-moderna-covid/story?id=75497450&cid=clicksource_4380645_5_heads_hero_live_hero_hed

5 feature stories that can come from this news story :

  1. Where the motivation for getting COVID vaccines to every American came from and how the elections may have had an impact on it.
  2. Shortage of vaccines and what that means for hospitals
  3. Biden’s hopes of what the world will look like after the vaccines are given out
  4. Why children under the age of 16 have yet to be signed off on getting the vaccine
  5. What “herd-immunity” means for a nation

As an audience member, I would most like to hear about Biden’s, and all those involved with the administering of the vaccine, hopes for what the world will look like after the vaccines are all said and done. Understanding their hopes will allow for a more humanized side of the reality of the situation, knowing they have long-term goals ahead. I would also be interested to know their thoughts on how those who do not receive the vaccine would be affecting the situation, or if they even know this information. I’m more interested in what they are thinking about everything and what is the cause of these thoughts!