“Wildfires are burning across California. A new round of dangerous winds could make them worse” by Joe Sutton news comment

Joe Sutton reports that there are more than 26 million people from California to Arizona is under red flag warnings today, meaning fire danger. There have been 11 fires this past week that have displaced tens of thousands of people, ordering them to evacuate their homes. This week weather’s forecast includes powerful winds that are supposed to be up to 60-70 mph. These winds will worsen the conditions of the fire, more than they are right now. 

This article was half way down on CNN’s front page, which I think is surprising. Even though all the news with Trump is nationally recognized, I think 11 wildfires that are affecting more than 26 million and forcing tens of thousands of people out of their homes is a bit more newsworthy than the latest Trump scandal, that has been going on ever since he became president. I asked a couple of my classmates if they knew about the fires and they told me no. This just shows how uninformed people are, the most of what they’ve heard is most likely a photo on Twitter. Other than that, I did like the separation Sutton used to differentiate between two different kinds of fires, titling sections and describing some impacts of the specific fires. It will be interesting how the news coverage will be different after the winds occur and what CNN will cover and who they will interview.


  1. fuglsang says

    We can count this as your news comment for Week 12 (Nov. 7) if you like .

    I can’t quite tell if it’s intentionally doing two things. It’s a wrap-up story, describing all the various fires in California. It’s also about the use of the term “extreme” in reporting fire danger. Given the headline, I thought that would be the main point.

    Yes, people (your generation) should know more about the world than you get on Facebook. If doing these news comments gets people to read the news more often, they will be a success.