“An island imperiled; As their home melts, Greenlanders confront the fallout of climate change” By Denise Chow News Comments

Reporter and editor at NBC News MACH, Denise Chow, reports on the effects that climate change is having on Greenland. Chow begins the article with a specific thunderstorm that scared the people of Greenland, for they never have such storms. She then incorporates Greenland civilians’ stories of what it was like when they were kids versus now, what businesses are beginning to look like with the environmental change, and even what Greenland may look like in the future. 

Chow unpacked a lot of information within her news story. I noticed that she started and ended the story with the same Greenland woman’s quote, first quoting about “when [she] grew up…” and then ending with how she wishes people would be aware of “how much it means for [them] to keep [their] culture”. This added a lot of credibility and unbiased content from the author, showing how scary it is that the snow is melting. She also incorporated the hardships that the climate change is having on small businesses that depend on the ice, giving readers another reason to care about the issue at hand. I think that with as many details that the story included, the lead seemed very vague and general, so readers had to actually read if they wanted to know what the article was about.