Aorta // Madissen Stevens

Madissen Stevens is a freshman from Fremont, NE, double majoring in studio art and business administration. At Morningside, she is a part of band, CEO, and Art Club.

Recorded by the Kiosk Editorial Staff

The Perspective of the Beholder // Faith Laskie

Too Cautious

Because she flinches

every time she walks past people.

Too Scared

Because she needs escorts 

to and from night classes.

Too Quiet

Because she thinks

she has nothing worth sharing.

Too Loud

Because she gets so full 

of thoughts and words in her head.

Too Ugly

Because she is marred 

with surgical and bullet wound scars.

Too Emotional

Because that loud sound or phrase 

took her back to that moment.

Too Determined

Because she knows nothing, 

not even a bullet can stop her.

Too Hopeful

Because she has gone 

through trauma and pain.

Too Religious

Because God is who keeps her calm 

here and loved.

Too Thankful

Because she couldn’t have done it 

without her community, family, and friends.

Too Beautiful

Because she knows 

that beauty lies within.

The Perspective of the Beholder // Faith Laskie

Faith Laskie is a sophomore from Le Mars, IA, double majoring in elementary and special education. At Morningside, she is involved in ISEA, ODK, ALD, APO, Theatre, and choir. She does not have a lot of professional or school experience with poetry but has always been interested in creating her own work.