Freckled Girl // Lauren Hedlund & Aphrodite // Riley Slechta

Freckled Girl // Lauren Hedlund

Lauren Hedlund is a freshman from Albion, NE, majoring in art education. She is a part of Morningside’s Women’s Basketball team, Art Club, and Photography club.

Aphrodite // Riley Slechta

Cut like the Gods, he

graces her, body of Venus, soft and round. 

Dancing, tangled, like seaweed in the tide.

His marbled hands bless her. Cold fingers

brush burnt skin,

baked by the sky – she worships 

his body as an altar.

He holds her, their love 

trembling between them. Whispering 

so only she knows, 

You are my Aphrodite.

Aphrodite // Riley Slechta

Riley Slechta is a senior from Sioux City, IA, majoring in history. At Morningside, she is a part of Phi Alpha Theta and the History Department’s Mentoring Program. Slechta has always enjoyed writing in her free time, but her love and passion were reignited after enrolling in a Creative Writing course last fall. Slechta hopes to continue writing after graduation and combining it with her love of history.