Smarter than the Door

Not to be interpreted, perceived, or observed.


One thing I love about this picture is that you can simply tell that it’s nighttime. Despite the fact that it’s indoors, the wine, takeout, and T.V. all imply that it is after hours. “A typical night in Siouxland” honestly looks similar to this for me, maybe without the wine depending on the mood, but I do believe this is the perfect summary.


This is an image of one of my best friends, Preston. The story behind me selecting this photo is because he never takes this sweatshirt off. He could practically be a poster boy for champion grey sweatshirts. Complete with the ISU hat and jeans, I think he fits his environment quite well. He really knows how to dress for the occasion.


Another one of my favorite images. I waited to go home for my animal photo as my parents always have some assortment of dogs hanging around. These dogs really stuck out to me due to their stoic/inquisitive looks as well as looking like they’re dang near making eye contact with the camera. Love this photo.


For this photo, I found the perfect place in the library to emphasize where and when potential buyers may utilize or see themselves using the product. Given that studying was the sole purpose of my purchase, it is easy to assume that others will feel the same way if given the proper prompt.

Human Interest

Both of these images are from the same night, and it was impossible to choose between them for this assignment. This is from yet another bus ride home, and these pictures showcase some of our boys in a silly, goofy mood. Both of them had monkeyed their way onto the ceiling, clearly making noise and having a ball. My favorite thing in the send picture is Owen and Isaiah (Reflection) being super casual during all of this as these activities are really nothing out of the ordinary.


For this class I made a trivial mistake of going out into the woods for a lot of pictures. Looking back/at the syllabus, I don’t know why I did that. This weather assignment however, was doable thanks to my adventures. This picture is of a clear dusk, in Mankato, Minnesota during my only trip back home this semester. While the weather is nothing crazy, I do love the clear sky. It’s visible that the air was cool and the vibes were immaculate.


While I had plenty of pictures of food and dishes themselves, I liked this picture of my favorite professor much better. This is Heath Weber, brightly displaying his love for health and fitness via making our entire class fruit and vegetable smoothies. While some were an acquired taste, most were quite good and he did an excellent job at showcasing one of his many passions.


This image depicts a good chunk of my friends on the team, representing our school in the Kansas Wesleyan locker room preparing for battle. I love the personality portrayed in this one, as the emotions and faces perfectly describe both of their personalities.

Environmental Portrait

This picture is another that stands out to me from this semester. This is a picture of my girlfriend as she returns to our car after her adopted father refused to open the door to let us hang out with her younger brothers. While it’s a hard story to tell, I believe it shows how one can grow from their environment and it’s beautiful to keep trying to keep in contact with the ones you love. Even if the environment you derive from is full of hate and resentment.


While dark, this is probably my favorite picture out of my collection thanks to it’s meaning. This is a picture of my friend Michael, returning to campus on the team bus. Michael had been on and off the court for the last few games prior to this image, and he was withheld from playing in this one, which we lost. He sat like this for hours, with a hand on his chin clearly in deep thought. I think this image speaks the most as the dark nature of the photo clearly resonates with the emotion behind the photo.

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