Sparks were flying on Saturday quite literally as one married couple ended the day with a bang.

Richard and Laurette Brunson were married on Saturday in unique fashion on their front porch in front of thirty relatives and friends.

Things seemed to be going well as the two celebrated their big day; all until a small food fight turned sour.

Police report that fifty year old Richard Brunson shot his newlywed wife, Laurette Brunson with a .22 calibre handgun. All of this resulted after she threw a plate of wedding reception macaroni salad at him.

Police were called immediately, but by the time they arrived the groom was gone. His location is currently unknown. Laurette is still in St. Luke’s Hospital in satisfactory condition after being shot in the abdomen.

Sioux City police are encouraging that if you have any information on Richard Brunson please contact the Sioux City police department immediately.