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Banana Twinkie

Today I stumbled upon a banana flavored Twinkie. I picked it up and listened to the innocent crinkle of the plastic wrap. I slowly opened the plastic wrap to unveil the absurd product. At first smell it did bring memories of banana bread. I brought the yellow cream filled sponge cake to my mouth and took a bite. I instantly regretted it as my cholesterol shot through the roof and I prepared to call 911. At the same time I absolutely enjoyed the flavor. I am not a big banana fan, but this was much better than anticipated. The texture of the sponge cake and bread complimented each other perfectly and began to melt in my mouth. All of the sudden my situation wasn’t so bad and all my worries seemed to melt away.

Up and Coming Band

John Dodge and Don Cooper are excited about their future as a band. They are building momentum after doing a show with Jackson Browne and James Taylor last summer.   Don told us, “Together we’re ‘Don Juan’, thats our name”.

Cooper says that he “Loves to write songs, and loves to play guitar”, but he didn’t think he could make a living doing it. He was an English teacher “Just in case”. He said how he held onto this “Just-in-case attitude” for a long time. He finally realized that he was settling for something less than what made him happy.

It is clear that Cooper has found what he loves to do now. He got back into the music business and says, “It makes me more real, it makes it feel like you’re livin”.

Being on the road so much can cause tension and complicate things, Dodge says, “It’s tough, but it’s worth it”. He emphasizes that, “You don’t have to live in the Hollywood Hills”, or “Drive a Mercedes-Benz”.

They hope to have a product on the streets, or on the airwaves by the end of the summer.



Scavenger Hunt

Today I ran around campus looking for a good piece of advice. This is much harder than one might think as good advice is hard to come by. Luckily I ran into a couple of wise baseball players named Elliot Conover and Drew Kasperbauer.

I got to know them a little bit and found out that they play baseball here at Morningside. After all the small talk I dove in and asked them the hard question. I asked “What good advice do you fellas have for me?”. They thought long and hard as they were taken aback by such a deep question this early in the day. Elliot responded first, he said, “Keep working hard, if it was easy everybody would be doing it”. Drew nodded in agreement and went on to tell me, “No matter how hard you think it is at the time you will always get through it.”

This was an incredible experience that I won’t soon forget. I was lucky to stumble upon such wisdom today.

Los Angeles Struggling With Homeless

Los Angeles became the first city to declare homelessness a public emergency on Tuesday. Although cities across the country struggle with this problem, LA decided they needed to do more. The problem in Los Angeles is the lack of shelters for the homeless compared to other cities where more shelters are provided. The official estimate of people living in the streets is 26,000 compared to the 3,000 unsheltered in New York City . The mayor and city council have decided to pledge $100 million in the next year on housing and other services.

This is an important and relevant article that address a big issue in this country that has been ignored for too long. The article specifically focuses on Los Angeles, but most American cities can relate with the issue in one way or another. They did a good job of incorporating both the Los Angeles Mayor and the New York Mayor and comparing their different situations. The lead sentence was okay. If it was me I would have stated the public emergency earlier in the lead to address the issue and draw people in.


Effects of Soda Research

Soda and the Effects on the Human Body


As research continues to unveil the unfortunate truths about soda, many people are trading their Coke and Mountain Dew for more nutritional alternatives. Their bodies will thank them.

The nutritional contents of soda are zero. There is nothing a body gains from drinking soda. People can find incredible results just from eliminating their sugary drink.

According to A Tufts University study, “Dietary intake is one of the most modifiable factors that can be targeted in helping to prevent disease”. Diabetes continues to be a growing concern in the United States as well and sugary sodas play a major factor to contributing to Type 2.

Other studies show that sugary drinks increase a person’s risk of chronic heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and increases blood pressure. The amount of sugar in soda can destroy teeth and the citric acid erodes tooth enamel.

If someone is looking to lose weight, one of the best options is to lose the soda. The amount of unnecessary calories and sugar in soda are a big problem to consistent drinkers.

When empty calories are consumed the person is less likely to eat other foods that are more nutritious because they have filled themselves with non-nutritious calories.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention website, “Teenagers and young adults are the biggest consumers of soft drinks”.

If children get hooked early on soda they could be in trouble because caffeine is an addictive drug. Children really shouldn’t consume any caffeine if it can be controlled, but many sodas have over 35 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce can.

Sodas are also dehydrating. Children need to stay hydrated to stay healthy and keep a strong immune system. Young adult bodies are smaller and still developing therefore more susceptible to caffeine and sugar.

So next time at the restaurant, consider if that delicious carbonated drink is worth the consequences.

News Stories

Hero Firefighter

Local firefighter Bob Harwood is a hero after making a big sacrifice to save a lost cat.

Yesterday morning Bob was called to a large Oak tree. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. When he arrived he was informed that there was a cat stuck in the tree about 50 feet up. The cat belonged to Suzanne and Samantha Decker. Harwood proceeded to climb the tree and was able to rescue the cat, but the story does not end there.

As Bob climbed down, a limb snapped, and he fell from about 15 feet. Harwood broke his left leg from the fall and is doing just fine at St. Lukes Hospital. It has also been reported that the cat fell on top of Bob and is doing fine as well.



Northeast Troublemakers

Summer vacation nears and chaos continues at Northeast High.

Several incidents arose at Northeast this past week. Ten upperclassmen were suspended for one week after a false alarm sounded three times on Wednesday. They said that they were protesting the Monday suspension of five students who were previously caught smoking marijuana in the school parking lot.

On Tuesday a food fight occurred that closed down the entire cafeteria. Principal Laura Vibelius commented that there was general unrest, “Not so much because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.”

Vibelius sees no continuation of these “incidents” in the near future.



Tipsy Truck

Overturned Texaco gasoline truck causes chaos for streets and several families.

This week four families were evacuated because of sewer line gas. This was the result of a gasoline truck accident on the outskirts of town at the intersection of 48th Street and Correctionville Road. Sewer lines were flooded with gas and also affected the streets and ditches. Cars were rerouted through side streets for a couple of hours as the accident was taken care of.

Meanwhile four families were evacuated because of sewer-line gas. The situation was handled in a professional manner and “Firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for just such an occurrence,” according to Fire Chief Charles Hochandel. No news on when the families will return home.

Quick car accident

A  two car collision killed a South Sioux City man and sent three to the hospital yesterday morning.

Around 11a.m. two cars collided two miles east of Sioux City on highway 20. Both vehicles were heading west when Randy Radin’s truck clipped  Moyer Quick’s car and sent both into the ditch. Quick’s vehicle rolled once killing him and injuring three. Autopsy showed Moyer had a heart attack which may have caused the accident.

The three survivors were transported by ambulance to Marian Health Center. Moyer’s Wife, Dorthy age 61, of South Sioux City, was reported in good condition and is scheduled to be released. Maxine Steuerwald who is Dorthy’s 43 year old sister visiting from Lawton, was originally listed in fair condition and has since been released. 17 year old Radin from South Sioux City, is in critical condition with a fractured skull and internal injuries.

The accident, which is under further investigation, occurred on a clear and dry road, under cloudy skies.

Mary Jane Day In Colorado

“Some call it Christmas for stoners”. This is a great lead that catches my attention and makes me want to read more. The article goes on and talks about how today was “tax free day” in Colorado as they knocked away the state’s 10 percent tax on cannabis. Many people lined up for hours to take advantage of this great offer. Some compared the day to black Friday anticipation. Sales of marijuana in Colorado is booming as sales hit $96 million in July alone which was a record.

This is relevant to the entire United States because of the recent debate about legalization of marijuana. There are arguments that are raised for both sides even in this article. It is clearly a booming industry in Colorado, but many argue it is not safe or it is a gateway drug. The article does a good job of showing both sides. There is the side of concern for the safety of weed. Then there is the side that boasts the growing industry and revenue that marijuana brings to the state. It has sparked my interest in the marijuana debate and I will keep closer tabs on what is going on in the state of Colorado.

Iowa Radar Ban

70 radar guns will be withdrawn from service due to raising cancer concerns.

It was reported that three officers in Cedar Rapids filed workman’s compensation claims, stating that they had developed cancer from using the hand-held units.

Spokesperson Adam Berluti says the Iowa State Patrol has “decided to err on the side of caution until more is known about the issue.” Studies are currently being conducted into the links between the radar units and cancer.

Last Conversation

This morning I was stopped by a smiling, high energy,  female, morningside student. She was wearing a maroon morningside T-shirt and black sweat pants. She approached me as if I had done something wrong. Instead she began to apologize and said how bad she felt for not wishing me a happy birthday yesterday. She truly felt awful about it. I went on to tell her about my birthday and how she should calm down because I am the worst at remembering birthdays.

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