Month: August 2015

No Journalism is not obsolete

Like it says at the end of the article there are just more ways of doing journalism. It is not obsolete, it is only spread out. We will always need people to interview and interpret various types of data. While we are all journalists we don’t all posses the capabilities to do big studies and interviews like major journalists do. Journalism can be a broad term, but there will always be differences and needs for professional work.

Week 1 Post California Beats Water Conservation Goal

This article was an optimistic outlook on the water problems in California due to this years big drought. It talks about how the drought not only affects Californian’s, but most likely it affects you too. The article states that the average American consumes about 300 gallons of California water each week just by eating food that was produced there. So not only is this a California issue, this is a nationwide issue. The main point of the article was praise for California as they beat their water conservation goal for the 2nd month in a row. It was a relatively short article summing up most of California in general. I would be curious to hear how this affects the big cities such as Los Angeles and Oakland. So if I were to change anything I would add big city statistics.



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