Looking at art

The first art piece that stood out to me is called ‘Rolling Fire, Eastern Lyon County, Kansas, 2005’ by Larry Schwarm from Kansas. This pice is a C-print.

This piece stuck out to more than most because of its color. It is a very bright orange color that filled the print and the edges are a darker tint of orange. I also really like how the smoke of the fire is still the bright orange but you can tell the difference between the smoke and the fire because of the movement of the photo. This pice reminds me of back home when farmers burn their fields.

The second piece I chose is by Phyllis Sloane, from Illinois called ‘The Straw Hat, 1983’.

This pice is a screen print and it is of a woman looking sad and lonely sitting next to a bag with a jacket and a straw hat sitting on top of it. When walking up to this pice I felt sad. The more I looked at it I noticed bags sitting next to her and instantly started creating scenarios why she would be sitting there with bags looking sad.

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