Personal Narrative 1st draft

I just turned sixteen. I could drive wherever I wanted to go, kinda. I was saving my money up for a car for a while now. My mom told me that we could go look at cars next week. I was so excited I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair of keys and go cruise around with my friends. 

My sister, Haven, came home from college the week of my birthday and I begged her if I could take her car out to go see one of my friends. 

“Katy, you are only allowed to drive my car to Sidney and back. That’s it” Haven said to me while I was running to her car to leave to go to Sidney. 

I got to my friend’s house in Sidney and we rode around the town of Sidney three or four times. We were blasting music singing every song on the radio station before we became bored. 

“Hey, we should go to Nebraska City to go get something to eat,” said my friend, Beth. 

In the back of mind, I knew Haven said not to go anywhere but Sidney; however, I also was thinking it wouldn’t hurt if we just ate and came back. Nebraska City is only about 10 minutes away from Sidney. 

“Yes, let’s go!”

Driving to Nebraska City with no care in the world, Beth and I stopped and ate Mexican food. While at the restaurant, I told her what Haven told me about only driving to Sidney. We both laughed it off.

Driving the back way from Nebraska City to Sidney, Beth told me to take a gravel road because it was faster. 

When I turned on the gravel road, I instantly had a weird feeling and knew that I shouldn’t be driving on this gravel road.

About two miles into the gravel road we came upon a really steep hill, I freaked out a little bit and the car started fishtailing. I could not correct it. 

Beth was screaming in the passenger seat. 

I was fracking out because I knew we were going into the ditch. 

The car went into the ditch. I blacked out. All I knew was that the car was upside down and I had no idea what to do. 

In a frantic, I could not find my phone.

“Beth find a phone and call 911.” 

As I tried crawling out the window of the car to find the help I knew exactly where I was. 

We landed in front of the house owned by the family Haven babysat for in the summer. 

As I heard police sirens coming down the scary road, I ran up to the house and asked if they could help me get Beth out of the car, she was stuck in the seatbelt. 

The owner of the house saw the whole thing happen and was already on his way down to help us. He thought it was Haven in the car. 

“Haven is going to kill me and I am never going to be able to drive again” I kept thinking and saying over and over again. 

Once Beth got out of the car the police and our parents arrived and asked us a series of questions. 

“Have you been drinking?”

“Were you texting and driving?”

“Why were you driving on this road?”

“While making out alive with no scratches or injuries you guys are very lucky.”

Not thinking at all we could have died, still, the thought of Haven not having a vehicle was in the back of my head. 

Haven was happy that no one was hurt but mad because I went to Nebraska City and she no longer had a car to drive and had no way to get back to school. 

As painful as it was, it crossed my mind that I should give Haven my money. The money I saved and was going to spend on my car that I had been patiently waiting to buy. 

I walked to the bank the next day and pulled my money out. I was in tears because I knew this was the right thing to do but it was all my hard work gone. 

“I should have never gone to Nebraska City.”

I gave my sister all my money. 

“Back to square one. No car. No money. At least I am alive.”

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