It’s the little things.

Daniel Ver Steeg married his high school sweetheart, Erika. They started dating their junior year in high school. Erika asked Daniel to prom, then they went on a couple of dates to Hu Hot, and then the rest was history.

Daniel and Erika’s married life isn’t what people imagine it to be. They are a very busy couple, when they have an open night they try to do things together to keep the romance alive.

“I don’t just want to be roommates, I want to be together and do things together.”

Daniel described the couple as, “complete opposites.” Erika likes to read, watch reality TV, and more calming shows. While Daniel likes sports, and more of the action shows.

Something that Daniel and Erika have in common is that they both like to play a video game called Minecraft.

The happily married couple has their own computers to play Minecraft on. Playing side by side in the same world of Minecraft they have two different goals when playing.

“When playing, Erika plays peacefully and focuses on building houses, while my main focus is to get to the ender dragon.”

“When the time comes I’ll be fighting the ender dragon alone” said Daniel.

Even though Daniel and Erika have a lot of differences, they still keep finding the spark to keep their marriage alive.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Despite your hesitance this is pretty good, Katy. You’re trying to tell a whole story rather than just the one scene. A bigger focus on Minecraft could have been fun. Are they side by side on the couch? What does the couch look like? Pizza on the coffee table?

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