Reverse Scavenger Hunt

When trying to give out my yummy treats to people they seemed mostly confused.

Walking into Hannahs’s room, one of my roommate’s I asked her to have one of my yummy gummy treats. She looked questionable about it at first but then she grabbed one. Before she opened it she read what was on the package to see what exactly she was getting herself into. 

When Hannah opened them after looking over the packaging she but one gummy in her mouth. At first, she wasn’t sure what to think of it. “They are just a little bit sour,” she said sarcastically as she made a big sour face. 

After the first gummy she didn’t know if she wanted to eat anymore. When she looked at the packaging again she commented on it and said “interesting” Then she ate two more gummies and put them away from here. She only ate three gummies before she was done. 

I asked her if she was going to eat the rest of them and she gave me a weird look and said “Do I have to eat the whole thing?” I replied saying you can eat how many you want to eat. And then she returned on what she was doing before I bothered her confused. 

Next, I asked my other roommate Emma,  that was sitting on the couch if she would eat the gummies for me. She gave me a confused face and said “sure.” Emma ripped right into the gummies and started tasting them one by one. 

Thinking hard what they tasted like she commented “Am I allowed to eat them all?” I replied, “you can eat as many as you want.” 

When sitting there observing Emma eating the gummies she was describing how the gummies were. “That one was sour. They are chewy but then not that chewy,” said Emma. 

Emma seemed to like them she ate all of the gummies out of the package. Once she ate them all she asked, “where did you get these from because I will probably buy them, they are good.” 

To give out the rest of my yummy gummy treats I laid them on the center counter of the library on the second floor. There weren’t many people in the library so not a lot of people got to see them. 

One student passed by them but did not even acknowledge the treats. 

The second student that passed by the treats seen them from a distance, waked up to them, looked at me to give him a signal. I did a little nod and he grabbed one and walked away. 

Another student passed by the treats looked at them weird and kept walking. 

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  1.   Anonymous Says:

    Hannah seems suspicious. Is she an American citizen?

    Good use of quotes/dialogue, Katy. I also like your Bartleby-like response: “you can eat how many you want to eat.” Inscrutale.

    What does “looked at them weird” mean? Show me.


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