Mega City Mall

An explosion occurred at the Mega City Mall today at 9:50.

The extent of the destructive damage to mall property is not known. Police have assigned investigative units, and fire rescue teams have been dispatched to the scene.

Paul Blunt, cop of the mall said she was getting coffee at Bell Tacos when the explosion happened. Paul viewed the video footage and she does not think the explosion was natural.

Mega Mall has had electrical issues before. Turned off gas in the mall until further instructions.

Mega Mall is still under investigation. Less then 100 people were injured. Two victims have been found. The explosion happened in the South East section in the mall in the Gun Land area.

Assistant Manager of Gunland, Maria Zorrilla lost her leg in the explosion. In the time before of the explosion Maria was selling a gun about to leave for her lunch break. “I heard a loud noise and there was a lot of dust and I couldn’t see anything while I was laying on the floor.”

Sargent Fuglsang said, “there will be more investigation when video footage is viewed more. No threats were made to the Mega Mall.”

Mega mall is temporary closed until further notice.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Explosion occurred? Strive for more active verbs, Katy.

    Well organized. Proofread.

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