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Sioux City Journal on Sunday, October 21st

Nicki Leedom was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was 9 months pregnant with her youngest son. While she was pregnant, fighting cancer, and raising 3 other children. Nicki had to take a break from school so she could focus on her health and her family. She was a few classes and Practicum shy from getting her degree. Leaders from Briar Cliff presented Nicki with an honorary degree in social work. This story had a good anecdote. Not only did she get this award but she is on her last round of radiation. Also it  was a story that made Briar Cliff look good.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Quite right, Katy.

    As the cynical person I am, I would not that an honorary degree does not do much for a person.

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