Broadcast Story

Katy Hackworth

Project #3


Morningside Mustang Competition Cheer team is working hard for the two- thousand – eighteen two- thousand- nineteen season. Last year the Mustang competition team took 5th at the GPAC tournament and third place at regionals with only two stunt groups. Coach Dakota Van Hauen talks about how the Mustang Competition team is improving and their goal for this upcoming season.

(Dakota sound bite)


Morningside Competition team will compete in five competitions before Nationals. Captain Abby Sitzmann explained what the cheer team has been undertaking to be successful for this season.

(Abby’s sound bite)


Freshman Emily Schlanger looks forward to the season to start. She described what her roll is on the team and what the atmosphere is like to be on the competition team.

(Emily’s sound bite)


Morningside Mustang Competition Cheer team first battle is in Orange City Iowa, January nineteenth. Come out and cheer loud to support Morningside Mustang Cheer Competition team.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    This is one good story, Katy. You were supposed to do three. You do have three sources/soundbites, but those wee supposed to be spread out over three stories.

    But this is pretty well done. The sound is good. Your reading is good. You have good introductions for your sources. It’s nicely conversational.

    Include an intro (Hi, I’m Katy…) and an outro. The Van Hauen clip goes too long. You could supply some of the basic info. Just use the best part of his quote.

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