Pastor Andy Nelson

Pastor Andy Nelson wants to help grow faith in students at Morningside College.

Andy grew up going to church, he has always had a spiritual background. He has always been passionate about public speaking and learning about his personal  journey in his spiritual world. “I had a lot more questions questions about faith so I decided to lean more towards ministry” Andy believes Christianity has something to say to the World.

Andy is a Lutheran Pastor, and first year full time Chaplin at Morningside College. He loves that he is known at Morningside and that he has familiar faces around campus. Andy is always trying to find ways to connect with students. He says it is hard to find ways to host activities and connect with students schedules being so busy.

His favorite thing about his job is when students come into his office and sits down and talk to him about pretty much anything such as; where students are headed, whats next in life, relationships, family. He says that his job is to listen to students and to make sure they have a friendly face to talk too. “I want them to feel that I am here to listen to and care what they have to say”

A big hurdler in his job is people thinking he judges them if they don’t have a spiritual background. Andy’s mission is to help grow faith in students. He likes to find new ways to show people what faith looks like.



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