News Comment #3

September 5, 2018–injured-4-missing-after-boats-collide-on-colorado-river/4127499/

Boats Collide on the Colorado River

Two Boats collided head on in the river in Southeastern California, around 8:00 pm September 1st. None of the boat passengers were wearing life jackets at the time of the accident. Rescuers said they found survivors over 5 miles from the crash. One person sustained life-threatening injuries 9 others were transported to hospitals, and there is still 4 people missing. Rescuers had to call off the search till Sunday morning because it was too dangerous for the divers in the water.

The News article was very informative of what happened before, during, and after the accident. ABC7 did a good job writing this article because they had a good lead on the story. It pulled me in when they started with that rescuers were searching for people in the Colorado river. Some things that stood out to me was that ABC7 used a lot of unnecessary descriptive words.