NewsComment #5

Celia Arozamena, an Iowa State golfer was found dead at Ames golf course. Iowa State University is taking a lot of caution around campus now that this accident has happen. Making sure that students know that there are safe rides for all students to call when they want an escort somewhere.

In this article the story line was not focused on the main part of the story, Celia Arozamena. The reporter, and students talked about Mollie Tibbets, (Iowa University student that was murdered earlier this summer) more than Celia Arozamena. I think the reporters should have focused the news article more on Celia because they were at ISU reporting and it was to notify the audience about Celia, not Mollie.

2 Responses to “NewsComment #5”

  1.   Bryce Says:

    Any more details on the death? how? why?

  2.   fuglsang Says:

    The link doesn’t match up with the story, Katy. It’s possible the story you intended was updated after you made the link. The fact that two female athletes were killed in Iowa in a short span of time is definitely newsworthy. Linking them into a trend story is almost guaranteed.

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